General information
The target of CLIMA 2019 is to get a far better attention among the academics and students besides exposure to the professionals attending this congress.

As Diamond Sponsor of CLIMA 2019, Daikin introduced a Daikin Award for papers expected to be presented at the poster session during REHVA congress and addressing specific fields of interest for Daikin. If you like to be involved in the competition, please select POSTER PRESENTATION & DAIKIN AWARD COMPETITION indicating that you are willing to challenge for the Daikin Award.

As such Daikin is looking to invite for papers amongst (PhD) students based on subjects provided by Daikin. Prior to the event, papers assigned to poster presentation session will be nominated for the Daikin award and presentations will be held in a workshop organized by Daikin including a jury to select the final price winner. The presentations will be mixed with short Daikin presentations on subjects of interest to the (academic) stakeholders.

The selection criteria will be an outcome from discussion among ERC and TIC to give guidance to future Daikin developments.

A special team of reviewers (experts in Daikin and also external reviewers) will make a selection of 8 nominated papers. The 8 nominations will be requested to present the paper (15 minutes each) for a special jury during CLIMA 2019. The jury will select the final winner.

The jury is composed by highly experienced specialists.

The winner of the Daikin Award will get a free course at the Daikin Academy in Belgium, including full coverage of travel expenses. The course at the Academy can focus on Managerial skills, Daikin Technologies, Negotiation skills etc.

Daikin award - focus on IAQ
The papers applying for the Daikin award have to focus on the indoor air quality IAQ (and not on indoor environmental quality IEQ addressing other issues as well like sound and light) while using heating and cooling generation on site/nearby (for definition see ISO52000 - Overarching standard). The papers have to exclude systems using district heating and cooling but using renewables (generated on site/nearby). Papers will apply as well on monitoring and/or evaluating IAQ in buildings and nZEB in particular.

DAIKIN relevant topics for call for papers
Out of CLIMA 2019 topics and subtopics, the following are the most relevant, although authors may assign to another subtopic (as long as the focus is on IAQ as described above, the paper may apply for the prize):
1. Modern HVAC technology and Indoor Environment Quality  
  a) HVAC in residential and non-residential buildings
  b) Quality of the building use
  c) Other building services system
  d) Other
2. High Energy Performance and Sustainable Buildings
  a) Energy Efficient Renovation of existing buildings
  b) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
  c) Other
3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the Intelligent Building Management
  a) Indoor Environment control with advanced BMS solutions
  b) Other
4. Sustainable Urbanization and Energy System Integration
  a) Health, demographic change and Wellbeing
  b) Other

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